About Ninz

We are Newbridge Intertrade NZ Ltd (NINZ), an export and import business. NINZ depicts a new trade link to and from New Zealand. We bring solutions to our customers wherever they may be.

john and francis dy

Our Story

Jonathan is an entrepreneur and founder of a public listed food company, a Philippines Ernst and Young emerging entrepreneur of the year and Agora award recipient. Francis is an ISU graduate in agronomy and horticulture practicing in Aotearoa with a passion for health and fitness and the great outdoors.

It all started one day when the father and son team decided to combine experience, passion, and energy to form a company to provide innovative solutions to a common problem: How to fill the healthy meal gap created by the increasingly hectic lifestyle of Kiwis.

“We decided to source globally cost effective, wholesome, and delicious meal kits that delivered a nutritious and enjoyable experience to kiwis.”

Thus started our journey, that we hope, one day, will fill our hopes of giving customers the best and most convenient meals possible.

We are linking NZ to the World and back

NINZ trades on the basis of strength to strength and recognizes the opportunities for trading goods and services to and from NZ.

Providing the world what’s best from New Zealand; from agriculture, food, production and service solutions.

Bringing well-balanced ready to heat and cook meal solutions for the everyday busy kiwi from Asia, Europe, and America.