Bringing what's best from New Zealand to the World

Providing the world what’s best from New Zealand agriculture, food production, and service solutions.

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new zeland exports like dairy, fruits, nuts, and wood

Leveraging on New Zealand’s prime exports

Simply put, New Zealand, in itself, is a brand known well around the world that symbolises unparalleled quality, beauty, and freshness. We aim to capitalise on ingenious Kiwi thinking, its diverse culture, and innate drive for kaitiakitanga and sustainability. NZ is highly recognised as a powerhouse exporter of food and agriculture products hitting way above its weight. NINZ leverages on this reputation as it represents New Zealand’s top export sector, taking New Zealand to the world.

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NINZ specialises in exporting agricultural products, food, and services to growing markets around the world.

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We help our foreign customers find NZ products they want.

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We help NZ suppliers expand by linking them to some of the fastest growing markets around the world.

NINZ leverages its exports on New Zealand’s top primary export strengths:

dairy & honey

Dairy & Honey


Rough Wood (Renewable & Sustainable)


Beverage (Wines & Spirits)


Modified Starches & Enzymes


Free-range Lamb, Grass-feed Beef, & Farm-raised Venison

fruits & nuts

Fruits & Nuts



We are an export and import business. Newbridge depicts a new trade link to and from NZ and to the global market—bring everyday solutions to our customers and clients.

Our goal is to source and supply the best products and services to our customers and stakeholders, and provide value added solutions in everything that we do.